The Team


Angela Johnson-Rogers, CEO

Angela Johnson is the founder of Naked Scrubs. She is an entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and editor. She lives by the belief that, we live in a world filled with chemicals and toxins, we don’t need to put more on/in our bodies. This is why her products are made with ingredients that come straight from our Earth, no synthetics and no GMO’s. As an educator, Angela is dedicated to making sure her Naked Tribe is knowledgeable about what they are putting on their skin and all the great benefits they provide.


Kiana Nua, Media Manager

Kiana Nua is the Naked Team’s Media Manager and pop-up/market guru. She is responsible for our social media, marketing campaigns, and runs all things digital for the company.

“Making the move to Long Beach for college has opened my outlook up to the world of small business and keeping all things local, naturally naked, and environmentally friendly. This is why I love the Naked line and enjoy working for this company!” - KN