our roots

Naked Scrubs started out of necessity. Suffering from dry skin in the winter, and oily skin during the summer, Angela found herself often at the drug store. But nothing over-the-counter seemed to work. She started experimenting and researching alternative remedies to soothe her skin and found remedies in simple natural ingredients.

In her quest for a natural alternative to overly-processed bath and body products that work for all skin types, she learned that simple is often better. She found several solutions; oils, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other natural ingredients and started making products for herself. Eventually, her products found themselves in the hands of friends and family who encouraged her to think bigger.

Starting with four scrubs, Angela eventually started experimenting with face, bath, and other body products. Currently Naked Scrubs carries a wide range of naturally naked products including; bath teas, body/face/lip scrubs, burn sticks, soaps, hair/body/nail oil, face steams, and face masks.

Because Angela wants her business and life to be as naturally naked as possible each product is made with locally sourced, fair-trade, and/or home grown ingredients.

After three years under the banner of Naked Scrubs we are rebranding as Get Naked. Keeping with the initial vision of the company Get Naked will continue making natural (Naked) ingredients and will move all products to eco-conscious packaging. We will also expand the brand to include merch, events, and classes. Stay tuned!